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Project Description
Attack of the Crazy Pixels is a tower defense game for Microsoft Windows XP and newer.
It is build on Microsofts XNA Game Studio 3.1 and written in C# 3.0.

The project is still an early beta version, but if you like you can download the current version and try it for yourself. ;)
All you need to play this game is Windows XP or newer, the .NET-Framework 3.5 or newer and the XNA Framework (Redistributable) 3.1.

If you need any suggestions on how to program a tower defense game like this or you are just curious how I did it, head over to the source code tab and check it out. Feel free to change anythink as you like.

Well and last but not least I would be glad if you would leave some comments and/or critiques about the game.
I'm open to any kind of suggestion to make the game better, because I'm sure it isn't perfect (yet). :D

And off course have fun playing or even modify it!

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